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How to Use Your Trivia Skills to Win Cash in The RiddleVerse

We all know that guy. You may be the guy. We all want to be him. The one who never misses Trivia Thursday at your local watering hole because he simply dominates, effortlessly. No cheating, either. He’s not the one Googling under the table, calling lifelines, or asking Siri (she’s useless anyway). A nerdy adrenaline junkie that gets a rush when he nails the correct answer from the deep recesses of his brain. The natural high is free and so are the winners’ beer buckets. Once the moderator calls out his slightly raunchy, but always clever, team name you know it’s on.

The Trivia Master is one to be admired. A savant with a unique set of skills to tap into his brain with precision. While the rest of us have the answer on the tip of our tongues, beer bucket boy over here has already written down the correct answer. He’s not necessarily more intelligent than you or me (multiple intelligences are a thing), but he just has specific mental skills and abilities that make trivia his bag.

“What are they and how do I hone such skills,” you ask?

These mental faculties may be the key to slaying the trivia world. Use these techniques to help tap into your own world domination in the RiddleVerse. It could be the difference between you and $15K per day. That’s a lot of beer buckets.

Link Your Knowns With Your Unknowns

You know the feeling when something is on the tip of your tongue? One way to recall information is to link what you do know with what you’re trying to remember. Link each fact to more than one other fact, feeling, smell, sound, location, or story. Finding these connections can lead you to solving the trivia question or riddle. For instance, at trivia night, they play a song and the question asks the release year. Envision where you were when the song came out. Jamming out in your car when you just turned 16? Feel the breeze? Do the math and you have your answer.

In other words, what information do you know that can lead you down a path to this answer?

Practice with this: Pythagoras Memory Technique – can help develop quicker recall speed and give you practice creating linkages.

Forget What You Think You Know

“The most characteristic feature of stupidity is not the ability to think, or lack of knowledge, but the certainty with which ideas are held.” — Dr. Edward deBono, established the term “lateral thinking.”

Trivia and riddle masters alike know to never trust a clue. Honing your ability to see the possibilities of a clue from all angles will help you get to the correct answer faster. What you see isn’t always what you get, and the real pros understand how to use the question itself in order to find the answer. This is called lateral thinking.

“Lateral Thinking is a deliberate, systematic creative-thinking process that deliberately looks at challenges from completely different angles. By introducing specific, unconventional thinking techniques, lateral thinking enables thinkers to find novel solutions that would otherwise remain uncovered. Lateral thinking focuses on what could be rather than what is possible.” Source.

Crossword puzzle clues can often be a great lateral thinking exercise. Remember, the clue isn’t always what it seems, and our goal is to stretch our mind in different ways here.

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Sherlock Your World

Being the type of person that notices details and asks questions will inherently allow you to collect more knowledge over time. The wide breadth of knowledge needed to school the bar at trivia and win riddles for cash can be a result of simply noticing the world around you. The news isn’t always background noise and when the IT guy fixes your computer at work you actually ask him questions- you’re a lifelong learner that absorbs the world around you.

Practice with this: How to Develop Sherlock Holmes Like Power of Observation and Deduction

These skills will serve you well in The RiddleVerse. We’ve explored how to solve a riddle before, and that mindset coupled with each of the techniques above will keep you spry and positioned well to win cash prizes.

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