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How to Enter Cash Contests in The RiddleVerse…

Still interested in winning cash in our daily riddle contests?

Here’s a little preview of what it’ll look like when you play – in this case, on your iPhone or iPad. (Never fear: we plan to release for desktop web and Android as well.)

You can see that you’ll want to update your coin balance before you join a RiddleVerse contest – obviously, time is of the essence, and you may need a few coins for hints. Your first clue is 3 coins, your second is 5 coins, and your third is 7 coins – or, you can hit the “Knowledge is Power” button to get them all for only 12 coins. In a future blog, we’ll tell you more about how coins work – stay tuned.

This riddle is one of our favorites. Do you remember the answer? Don’t worry, each of the daily contests will have new, ungoogleable riddles… and $15,000 in cash prizes is available every day.

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