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How to Monetize Your Brain

Hey, smart person.

Yeah, you.

What have you been doing with your brain lately? A Sudoku puzzle or two, maybe arguing politics on Facebook, maybe chasing some Pokémon?

You’re doing it wrong. Here’s why: You should be practicing solving our riddles. Here’s the latest, from our Facebook page:

If you love to play, particularly contests like ours that require problem solving, linguistics, memory, and trivia, it’s a good year to be you, especially if you have a smartphone. That technology in your pocket means there are more players of more games of all ages. Whether we play them to give our brain a workout, to connect with friends and family, to meet new friends, to enjoy beautiful visual effects with technology already better than the last Playstation, or just because the line is too long, we are all playing more. If you’re over 50, you’re twice as likely to be playing games than you were five years ago – and those games and contests are more likely to be made with your needs in mind.

In the RiddleVerse, we wanted to build contests that not only let you play with old friends and new, not only gives your brain a workout, not only lets you play on your phone, but pays its winners real money. With $15,000 in prizes available every day, and a vault with hundreds of original riddles, we’re hoping that you’ll not only be entertained, but that you’ll compete for that first-place prize and a chunk of that money.

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