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What To Do While You Wait for the RiddleVerse

The RiddleVerse is almost here, and we promise it will be unlike any other game.

For one, there’s the obvious…


Where else can you earn money for knowing what a “grandstand full of characters” might be?

You’ll have to be fast, though – this is the Olympics of riddle-solving, and you can’t just lift a few weights, run a few laps, and become the Usain Bolt of riddling. When those contests go live, you’ll only have a few short seconds to parse those misleading metaphors and those double entendres, and then you’ve gotta go all Bruce Almighty on that riddle.


(Of course, you’ll be able to play on your phone just as easily. This is 2016, after all.)

So, here are your practice instructions…

Dissect history’s greatest riddles, and learn about the oldest yo’ mama joke ever told.

Try solving a crossword puzzle, if you aren’t already addicted. They have some key differences, but crosswords will help you recognize wordplay and the endless trickery found in the English language.

Join your fellow riddlers on our Facebook page, or follow our Twitter – new teaser riddles will be posted every few days. Like crosswords, riddles get in a groove from their author – and you’ll start recognizing a few of the Riddlemaster’s tricks. Not too many, though – the Riddlemaster is a shifty one.

Read a little poetry. The RiddleVerse riddles are cousins to a long history of lyrical poets – start with Longfellow, and treat yourself to some rousingly rhythmic descriptions of early American life.

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