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Rites of the RiddleVerse

So, how does The RiddleVerse even work?

There’s cash involved! $15,000 a day gets paid out to riddle solvers.

Every day, at 4, 5, and 6pm Pacific time, a bell will toll somewhere deep in the RiddleVault and a riddle will be released. (Ok, there’s no actual bell… yet… but you never know.) You won’t be able to Google the riddle – no one outside of the Riddlemaster has ever seen it before – and while you can ask your friends for help, they’ll know no more than you do. Everyone sees each new riddle at the same time, so it’ll be a fair contest.

To play, you’ll need to purchase coins from RiddleVerse – make sure you do that in advance of the riddle release time. You don’t want to be struggling to find the code on your VISA card while you’re up against your fellow riddlers.

We’re awarding $5,000 in cash to the first few correct answers on EACH riddle. That’s $15,000 a day up for grabs – if your brain is up for the challenge.

Even if you don’t win cash, you’ll win badges for your attempts – and there’s a leaderboard you’ll want to be on. You can also join our communities on Reddit and Facebook or follow us on Twitter – meet your fellow riddlers and share strategies to solve our riddles and outsmart the Riddlemaster.

If you can’t solve the riddle on your first try, there are clues!

We put as much effort into our clues as we did the riddles themselves – they’ll help you, but not too much. Three clues are available for every riddle – and you can unlock them with more coins. Or, you can trade coins for all three clues – just hit the “Knowledge is Power” button.

If you don’t want to play for cash, you can play against your fellow riddlers.

Our free-to-play version lets you pit your riddle-solving skills against fellow riddlers all over the US. It works very much like the cash version – but you can only solve one riddle every 20 minutes… unless you’d care to pay a coin to shorten the time.

You can play anywhere from the iOS and Android apps.

Our apps will be as fully functional as the desktop version, so you can play wherever you are – at a baseball game, from your couch, from a plane, from the bathroom…  so long as you have a signal or wifi access. We cannot officially recommend riddling while in that boring meeting, during a terrible Tinder date, or while your uncle starts going on about politics at the Thanksgiving table… but we’re not going to stop you, either. Riddle at your own risk!

We’re not trying to be tricksy. The answers aren’t easy, but they are objects, concepts, people,  or places that are well known in American culture.

Can you play Jeopardy!? Then you can solve our riddles. Our answers aren’t esoteric. We’re not going to make a riddle about obscure references in Star Trek, or the name of a flower that only grows in Paris, Texas, or the name of the 1992 World Series champion. In most cases,  the answers to our riddles will be only too well known to you – which will make it even more frustrating if you can’t guess them! 

We love riddles. That’s the bottom line. Each time someone solves a riddle and has that “ah-ha!” moment, we feel like we’ve won a prize ourselves. We cannot wait to have The RiddleVerse open for business.

Are you subscribed to our newsletter yet? Make sure and do that here. Also, make sure you join your fellow riddlers in our Facebook and Reddit communities – and you can also follow us on Twitter.

One caveat: The RiddleVerse is completely legal and will be open to most of the United States. Residents of Arizona, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, or Tennessee, however,  cannot participate in  RiddleVerse’s cash contests.