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Enter The RiddleVerse

Riddle me this…

A laugh, a fight, a battle decided

A winner that language prescribed.

Contested by Bilbo and Gollum;

A mentally challenging column.

Of course, the answer is “riddles.”

The universe of The RiddleVerse is built on this legacy. The Babylonians left riddles in cuneiform; the biblical Queen of Sheba tested King Solomon with riddles. Soon, you’ll have access to a new universe of riddles that will test your skill, plumb your linguistic depths, and provide a great new way to compete with your friends. And that’s before the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

That’s right – there’s cold, hard cash involved. Once Riddleverse launches, several people will take home some big bucks multiple times a day – you just have to be the fastest riddler  around.

Until the gates of The RiddleVerse officially open, we’ll let you try out some test riddles and see if you are a true Riddler. Sign up for the newsletter today and you could even be eligible for a special beta test period – we’ll notify you by email if you’ve been selected. In the meantime, we’ll keep you in riddles ‘til the pot of gold is ready at the end of the rainbow.


The Riddlemaster