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Use Music to Boost Your Memory

How Music Can Help You Solve Riddles

Science says music can aid in productivity by improving mood, concentration, developing memory recall and more. In fact, music can have such a powerful impact on the brain that therapists are now using music therapy to keep Alzheimer’s’ patients alive and alert even longer. In Alive Inside, a documentary about music therapy, Henry Dreher, who […]

Challenge your mind with RiddleVerse

How to Monetize Your Brain

Hey, smart person. Yeah, you. What have you been doing with your brain lately? A Sudoku puzzle or two, maybe arguing politics on Facebook, maybe chasing some Pokémon? You’re doing it wrong. Here’s why: You should be practicing solving our riddles. Here’s the latest, from our Facebook page: If you love to play, particularly contests […]

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Bring Your Crossword Skills to the RiddleVerse

In 1925, a very upset librarian wrote a report for the New York Public Library about the latest craze among the nation’s young people. Were they necking in the library? No, something more insidious: they were solving crossword puzzles. “When prizes are offered for solutions, and the puzzle ‘fans’ swarm to the dictionaries and encyclopedias […]